Datacomm Fasteners & Support Clips


A datacomm or low voltage fastener is a mechanical component that supports data communication cable or low voltage cable. Included in the offering are J-Hooks, bridle rings, and mounting plates that mount directly to or mount as assemblies to beam flanges, rod, wire, purlin, concrete, wood or metal stud, pedestals, drywall, and strut. The datacomm fasteners are available in a variety of sizes depending on the number of cables, and size of flange, rod, wire, etc. to which it is being mounted.

Many of the support clips have Elite Shield, which is a coating that provides corrosion resistance.

Elite Components manufactures and supplies datacomm fasteners to industries across the U.S.A. View our full product details below. Contact a sales representative today and learn how to buy electrical equipment fasteners from Elite Components.